I AM writing to to express my disappointment when I see our leader and councillors patting each other on the back in a very recent Messenger — why I do not know.

Have they never used the roads around the Trafford area, particularly around Hale and Altrincham?

From my own observations and photos, our roads are appalling they are very uncomfortable to drive on and make our area look a disgrace to any visitors visiting.

What damage is being done to our cars — wheels bent, tyres cut or burst how much have the claims been to the Trafford Council for these claims over the past two to three years?

Those claims, if not paid, could of help reduce these very high car parking fees.

Our roads need to be repaired quickly and properly, not a quick fix that will not last. This is what has happened and it has caught Trafford out as time has caught it up.

A road repairs expert needs to be commissioned to advise and check what is done and that it is completed in a timely and proper way.

The labour for this job is there — sitting in a prison cell doing nothing constructive.

If the council started today on this proposition, it could be achieved over couple of years and savings of set against future savings its called budgeting.

Get on with it Trafford, please!

Nick Banks