I AM writing to you in desperation after reading the recent article re potholes in Trafford.

I live in Lawrence Road and have been in contact with Trafford Council on a number of occasions about potholes resulting in them attending and patching up about a third of them, certainly not all.

At the last count in February, there were roughly 70 potholes!

I spoke to the team doing the work who agreed that to do it properly the road would need to be closed and completely resurfaced, and this was up there with the worst roads they have seen, but the council would probably say some of the holes aren't deep enough and therefore do not meet their criteria.

However, like your reader, Mr Williams, I have also had damage to my suspension, as has my neighbour.

I was surprised and very angry on reading your paper to see that Lawrence Road was not down on the list for major repair.

Does the whole infrastructure have to collapse before something is done?

At the moment, everyone's car is filthy with all the dirt and gravel being thrown up out of these holes by the many heavy goods vehicles using the road on a daily basis.

I am sure the council will be receiving many more damage claims if something is not done as soon as possible.

Name and address supplied