LOOKING at Davyhulme and the surrounding areas today with the land still being the main issue, things have changed drastically, with most of the Green Belt transformed into concrete jungles and increases in traffic since the Trafford Centre was built.

With the rot well and truly set in, it has now spread to the George H Carnall Leisure Centre, at Davyhulme.

In 2019, part of it will be demolished and eventually 60 homes and a range of other facilities will be built, including a 2,000 seater basketball stadium, and parking for hundreds of additional motor vehicles, adding more pollution to an already inadequate, overladen road network around Davyhulme.

Eventually, when building starts on this landfill site, stretching from the sport centre to the Nag’s Head pub, how much land will be taken up, and with the council keeping low key on this question, it’s anybody’s guess.

At the end of the day, hundreds more acres of greenfield going under the hammer, slow but sure, we are being squeezed to death like sardines in a can.

In fact, the way it is going, history might repeat itself because sooner or later we might all end up living on a reservation.

Harry Wild

Conway Road