IT is commendable that a letter has been written to ‘wholeheartedly condemn as pathetic the sentence handed to Glenn Wall in relation to his killing of Helena Thurm’ (Sentence ‘pathetic, Bolton News, January 25).

However, I can say from experience that although it will give the writer, 'Name and address supplied', a measure of satisfaction, it won’t make a blind bit of difference to the way in which killer drivers are dealt with.

I took to writing letters when I became a member of RoadPeace after a negligent driver left me for dead in 1991, and was given three penalty points and £100 fine.

Had he killed me, the penalty would have been the same, I was told.

As a member of RoadPeace, I’ve met many letdown bereaved parents and partners. It will only change when enough people stand up and be counted, as we’re now seeing with the abuse of women.

Let’s pray that Helena’s family win their appeal to have her killer’s two-year sentence increased.

Allan Ramsay