The lack of exercise, absence of competitive sport, dreadful diets and the pressures of stress and depression, all play a major role in creating much greater demand for the NHS and many of these are developed in childhood. Schools should only serve healthy, nutritious food and the same applies to hospitals where often the meals are hindering the healing process.

If there should be new taxes, they should be on unhealthy foods and drinks and in elimination unnecessary packaging as toxic, chemical intense environments have been linked to being the direct cause of so many long term debilitating conditions. A healthy life style and planet, and properly labelled food, including details of pesticides and the contents of animal feed, use of antibiotics, hormones and steroids and details on animal welfare are key to solving the NHS challenge. People have the right to know what they are really eating.

Prevention is better than cure and personal responsibility is key. Unless anti biotics become the last resort rather than the first option in a time when they are really needed they will not work. Such an approach would also save billions.

Yours truly

Peter Booth, Hale