I WONDER which century Peter Booth is writing from when he talks about Britain’s greatness — certainly not the 21st (Your Views, January 4).

We live in a world dominated by large countries and alliances: USA, China, India, the EU.

Multi-national companies dominate world trade, intimidate smaller countries, bribe parties even in larger countries and ensure they pay little tax.

Only by being part of a larger bloc does Britain stand any chance of having a major influence in the world.

He should be specific about what EU policies represent “German-led economic tyranny”.

I profoundly disagree with the EU’s treatment of Greece, but it is very much in line with our own government’s unfortunate austerity policy.

Had we had better UK governments and engaged more with the EU we could have moved them in a more progressive direction, but the Conservative Party spent far too much energy shouting from the sidelines.

On the whole, EU legislation has been an improvement on that produced by Westminster.

It has become clear that this government has little idea about what Brexit means or its consequences.

Even the goal of greatly reducing immigration seems a pipe-dream unless we want to endure the consequences of shortages of labour, much of it in skilled and vital jobs, including many of our public services.

And whatever happens, the short-term consequences of the government’s preoccupation with the process and neglect of other important business is becoming clear.

Martin Wright

Fairlands Road