Urmston’s the town that we all call home, everyone’s welcome here, so you’re never alone.

Come to our restaurants, our bars and our pub, we’ve got all the best ales here, and the best grub.

The Nelson, The Roebuck, The Garrick’s Head, and all Flixton Roads bars, is that enough said?

Our community shines and team spirit we breed, so we all come together, whenever there’s need.

On Abbotsfield Park we have bonfire night, defeating the weather is always our fight.

Our NHS party with music and fun.

We all do our bit, to bring out the sun.

Trafford General Hospital, the birth of the trust we fight to protect it, well it started with us.

There’s lots going on in our own Eden Square, you never can tell what you might find round there.

There’s music and crafts and fundraising too, I defy anyone not to find something to do.

Then Cheeky Cherubs, I’m sure you’ll admire, the kids that go there to be free and inspire.

There’s Wayne Devlin’s singing to fill you with joy, he sings for our Christmas, for each girl and boy.

An artisan market, once a month I hear tell, with culture and glamour in all things they sell.

Our schools are the best, and new records we break, they only get better with each new intake.

So this is our Urmston and feel free to enter, oh, nearly forgot, we have the Trafford Centre.

All of your favourites all under one roof See! You’ll love Urmston, do you need anymore proof?

There’s much more to say here but, I am no Longfella, I’m just an Urmstonite who rhymes a capello.

Come visit our Urmston and please don’t be shy, Whenever you get here make sure you say hi!

-Urmston Poet