IS it not possible for those who organise the traffic flow on the Metrolink system, to undergo training on a properly operated system, perhaps London Underground, or a Japanese system?

On a recent afternoon, as usual, the Altrincham tram was terminated at Timperley, a double tram.

The next tram was due in eight minutes:this was designated for Altrincham.

When it arrived, a double, it was also terminated at Timperley.

Two minutes later a single tram eventually arrived, to take al the people on to Altrincham.

It seems that Amey are no better at running a tram service than they are at repairing roads, or collecting rubbish.

How on earth, one might ask, have they got all these contracts?

I am sure many people in Altrincham would be able to supply a reason.

David Olliver, Altrincham