FOLLOWING the report in last week's Messenger, Divided on homes fight, I wanted to explain the facts and figures behind my stance over Cllr Andrew Western's pledge on homes for Timperley Wedge.

As you might expect, I have been in contact with Trafford's Planning Department on more than one occasion over the past few months.

I have been advised that, contrary to my belief and clearly Cllr Western's too, there is a misconception around densities at Timperley Wedge.

I have been informed that densities typically range from 30/35 homes per hectare (same as average densities in Flixton) to upwards of 60/70 homes per hectare, certainly around the Metrolink/Wythenshawe Loop.

I will contact them again next week and demand that specifics around this are shared with the community so that we are able to properly gauge the feasibility of what Cllr Western is proposing.

I would ask that he bears in mind that our own planners, Urban Imprint, did suggest that there was potential for homes to be built on a site adjacent to Timperley Wedge, though Trafford planners advised that this would not be deliverable in the plan period.

This brings me on to the other point that Cllr Western raised — that is that many more homes could be built on the Timperley Wedge site.

What was made very clear to us last week was that unless the plan put forward was developable and also deliverable in the plan period then the planning inspectorate would reject any such plans.

Trafford planners have also previously shared details around density of the site in respect of high rise apartments.

Apparently, because the Timperley Wedge development is close to the Airport Safeguarding Zone, there are restrictions on the height of such developments.

In summary, while I am in no doubt of Cllr Western's wish to assure residents that Flixton's allocation can be transferred to Timperley Wedge, I do not share his confidence that this can be achieved.

Please know that the stance of this group has and will never change. We do not support any build on William Wroe.

We will continue to fight these proposals, regardless of personal political allegiances of which I can assure you, even within our admin team, there are different views.

As soon as I receive a response to questions as detailed above, I will share with the entire community. This fight is far from over.

Michelle McGrath

Flixton, Urmston and Davyhulme Future Planning on-line group