FLIXTON, Urmston and Davyhulme Future Planning successfully raised funds locally to allow us to employ our own planning consultants to complete the work that is directly responsible for the current reduction of homes on the William Wroe site.

The Messenger reported the result of our meeting together with a response from the council: "A council spokesman said after the meeting: 'As a direct result the work undertaken by residents, the council has shared its latest thinking as promised with local residents in what is an ongoing, iterative process'."

To be clear, our stance has not changed. We are fundamentally opposed to any building on the William Wroe site. We're certainly not there yet but things are moving in the right direction and we will continue to engage with the council as we firmly believe that this is the only way forward.

This week a letter was sent to 15 local authorities from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. In summary, Sajid Javid MP advises that unless a local authority has a Local Plan then the Government will be forced to intervene.

It’s great news that Trafford Labour have been stirred into action once again. I look forward to hearing their proposals around where these 385 homes (a work in progress as previously mentioned) are to be sited and of course details must include a further 2000+ homes from Trafford’s allocation under the GMSF that have been taken by some of the other nine Greater Manchester Councils.

It is not enough to announce that building will not take place on William Wroe. Unless Trafford Labour are able to specifically detail exactly where the 385 homes are to go (and the plan must be not only developable but also deliverable in the plan period) before they advocate removing the William Wroe site from the GMSF, then Trafford run the very real risk of the other Greater Manchester Council’s refusing to take the 2000 allocations from Trafford that they have taken so far.

So what I am asking Trafford Labour is to disclose details around how and where they would propose to build these homes.

Trafford Residents deserve to know exactly what their plans are. I look forward to hearing specifics rather than more bluster.

Michelle McGrath,

Flixton, Urmston and Davyhulme Future Planning on-line group