After the latest uproar regarding the proposed food store in Sale Moor, one councillor states that Sale Moor doesn’t need or want one – he lives in Ashton where there are two, Tesco and the Co-op.

Another one states that for five years he’s attempted to keep Sale Moor free from supermarkets, he lives in Altrincham!

Anyone who lives in Sale Moor will tell you that not enough people shop in Sale Moor, not even the shopkeepers.

The people who do want a local food shop are not the aggressive, banner-waving kind we’ve seen lately. There won’t be a problem with traffic as there are few places to park now. The two free car parks start to fill up at 8am, then the owners catch the bus or train to Manchester where they work!

The property developers will provide free shoppers’ car park for all of Sale Moor but as this shop is mostly for non-car owners, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Councillors are supposed to look after all the people in Sale Moor, not just car owners.

Finally, this new food store would be the only one in Sale Moor which does not breach the Disabled Discrimination Act. Anyone on a mobility scooter or in a wheelchair can shop in Sale at any one of the supermarkets but not in Sale Moor!

Mrs S Miller
Address supplied