Plans have been announced by Trafford Housing Trust (THT) to re-develop the shops and flats on Norris Road Sale Moor and initial reaction to the news suggests this will be as big an issue for the residents living close to the shops as the proposals for a supermarket were for Sale Moor Village.

THT have announced two public consultation dates; the February 17 between 4pm and 6pm and the February 18 between 11.30am and 1.30pm both at St Francis Church on Budworth Road and I would urge all local residents to attend and let THT know their views.

Already concerns have been expressed to me about how local residents who are aged, infirmed disabled, don’t drive etc. will be able to go about their business with the loss of the shops, especially those who rely on the NISA food store to deliver groceries to them.

In addition concern has been expressed at the future of Sale Moor Community Partnership (SMCP) an integral part of the local community and the services and advice they provide to a wide range of local residents.

These are all issues that THT need to be made aware of and as part of the consultation we need to be informed what temporary provisions will be put in place by them to ensure that the local community, businesses and SMCP can continue day to day.

As local ward councillor I want local residents to know that I will be standing with them in demanding answers to these issues and look forward to meeting as many as possible at the consultation days. Alternatively local residents are welcome to contact me directly so I can ensure their views are represented.

Mike Freeman

Councillor for Sale Moor