On the January 9 2016, I received a car parking ticket from Smart Parking.

The fine was £40 for parking in the new ASDA store in Altrincham’s car park for over six hours.

The ticket was issued via a camera outside of the store that takes footage of you entering and exiting. Without going into details the fine was not correct or justified.

Over the next three weeks, I had to speak to many people and stay on hold on a 0845 chargeable number for a considerable amount of time, until ASDA themselves eventually cancelled the fine.

My reason for writing this letter is to inform ASDA that, as a customer, if I visit their store twice in one day I should not be fined £40 for it until I prove my innocence and that as their customer I have the choice of other local supermarkets without this new breed of car park cameras.

How many other people has this happened too?

David Cox