GRAHAM Heathcote reflected on Altrincham's plight at the foot of the Blue Square Bet Premier and spelled out a stark message about his side's shortcomings.

Reflecting on succesive defeats by York and Mansfield that left them with just one point from six games, four adrift of Saturday's visitors Kidderminster, Heathcote admitted they had been found wanting and that he had been in discussions with the board about all aspects of the season so far, including his own position.

“I couldn't possibly fault the players for effort,' he said. “That's good in one way but worrying in another because, if they are giving their all and still falling short, you've clearly got problems.

“We have played some good stuff at times, and we have faced some of the top sides, but the fact remains we are bottom with one point from six games. I don't enjoy seeing Altrincham propping up the rest.

“I take 100 per cent blame, because I put the squad together and the evidence so far suggests the players I brought in may not be up to the mark. There have to be changes, whether it be myself or on the playing side, and I have been talking to the board about the way ahead, in all areas.

“We have fantastic backing from loyal supporters and local businesses, and from people working tirelessly within the club. Even so, attendances need to be higher and we still haven't got that injection of cash from an investor that's so desperately needed.

“And I'm not burying my head in the sand over my own position. If there's someone out there who can conjure up seven or eight Premier players on the funds we've got, then fine. Good luck to them.”

Supporters can quiz Heathcote about Alty's position at a fans' forum at the club tonight (Thursday) at 8pm, while £5 admission is available against Kidderminster for Premier League or Football League season ticket holders.