A rounders league is bringing women of all ages together through the nostalgia of school sport.

Alice Broad, 36, and her wife Dani, 33, from Urmston, set up the first team of the Manchester Women's Rounders League in Stretford in May last year.

Alice wanted to set up a team but was worried there would not be much interest.

After posting on Facebook and putting up posters, she was shocked when 45 women turned up.

Unable to join the existing Greater Manchester league, Alice set up her own, with seven teams across Stretford, Sale, Urmston, Prestwich, Hulme, Chorlton and Swinton.

They meet weekly, competing to win the league, but Alice said it is about much more than competition, and that most of the women join for the social aspect.

“As soon as you get running around and you've got endorphins going, you’re going to feel fantastic,” she said.

"When you score a rounder, everybody cheers you on.

“Some really close friendships are starting to develop in the group and these are people that would never even cross paths, different ages, ethnicities, religions.”

Anyone from 18 upwards can join, and there is a huge variety in the women who play in the league, the eldest being 68.

She said: “From really young women, to women that haven’t played sports for many years, it’s a lovely mixture of everybody.

“Some people can't run for as long as others, so people can take a bit of a back step and be a fielder for a bit.”

Alice said rounders, typically a school sport evokes a nostalgia in the women.

She said “They absolutely love it, they say ‘it brings me back to school’.

“Even when it's raining, people continue to play."

Aside from the weekly rounders sessions, there are social events such as barbecues, presentations, and meet-ups, so it is a real community feel within the teams.

The rounders teams are open to all ages and abilities, everyone is welcome.

Alice said if you are thinking about it, come along and give it a try.

For more information contact Alice on 07542 792618.