Trafford Metro Swimming Club members excelled on the global stage, clinching medals and setting records at two prestigious world championships.

The first triumph came at the World Aquatics Masters Championships where Trafford Metro athletes showcased remarkable performances across various disciplines.

Danny Mills emerged as the star of the event, securing gold medals in the 400m and 800m freestyle, setting new British records in the process. Mills also clinched silver in the 200m freestyle event, further cementing his status as a world-class swimmer.

Vicky Cunningham displayed exceptional prowess by also becoming a double world champion, triumphing in the 50m and 100m freestyle events and setting a British record in the latter. Additionally, she secured silver in the 200m freestyle.

Rebecca Owens added to the medal tally with a bronze in the 200m backstroke, while Paul Barnard contributed to the success with bronze in the 200m individual medley and freestyle events and Charlotte Taylor secured a silver medal in the 100m butterfly.

Alec Johnson showcased his dominance in butterfly events, winning gold in the 50m fly and securing silver medals in the 100m butterfly (setting a British record) and 50m backstroke.

Jonathan Altoft and Molly James impressed with multiple top-five finishes, showcasing their talent on the world stage, while the relay teams further demonstrated Trafford Metro’s strength by clinching three bronze medals.

In another display of resilience and skill, Trafford Metro Masters swimmers ventured to the Winter Swimming World Championships held recently in the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

Competing in water measuring just 0.6 degrees centigrade, the athletes faced extreme conditions as officials had to break the ice in the mornings to commence the competition.

Trafford Masters coaches, Bob and Jo Bolton, showcased their prowess in the cold waters, with Jo winning silver in the 450m freestyle and securing fourth place in both the 100m breaststroke and 100m freestyle events.

Bob achieved commendable fifth and sixth-place finishes in the 50m freestyle and 25m breaststroke, respectively.

Michael Boyle, another cold-water specialist from Trafford Metro, secured bronze medals in the 450m and 200m freestyle events, further highlighting the club’s versatility and strength across different swimming disciplines.

Trafford Metro Swimming Club, based at Sale Leisure Centre and supported by Trafford Leisure, continues to inspire and produce world-class athletes, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and passion for swimming on the global stage.