Exploring extracurriculars at school. 

As the school year progresses and we immerse ourselves in the spring term, I believe it is important to continue to involve yourself in activities and opportunities outside of everyday lessons and subjects. 

Sport and exercise is incredibly important in our day to day life and is therefore enforced as part of the timetable for students up to and including year 11. However, I think that joining clubs outside of school is hugely beneficial for young people. As well as simply providing the physical exercise, sports clubs can improve and aid social skills for young people by helping them to grow in confidence and in their use of communicative skills. 

Alongside clubs for sport, extracurricular activities offered within schools are equally advantageous. At Urmston Grammar School, the sixth form team pushes “supercurricular” activities which aim to enhance your learning in lessons by exploring new and deeper areas of the subjects you currently study. For example, the school hosts “supercurricular” lectures in which a guest speaker or teacher from the school will speak on a topic of their choice for up to an hour. These talks are aimed at different audiences as some target STEM students, while others are pitched towards pupils studying the Arts. 

So, I am sure every school offers a great array of extracurricular options and activities. Make sure to involve yourself in them to enhance your learning and get the most out of school life this term and year as a whole!