The £75 million “inland surfing facility” has since December had new leadership under Tartan Leisure after two years of delays under the Belfast-based McKinney Group, but many residents are unimpressed by the plans. 

A common sentiment among those I spoke to was that there’s already enough- and perhaps too many- sports facilities in Trafford Park, and the new plans will worsen existing problems like congestion without providing benefit to local residents. Trafford City already offers snowboarding, skiing, skydiving, rock climbing, and a full golf range, as well as David Lloyd, a full high-end gym facility. There are also plans for a gigantic “ice arena” for ice skating, as well as Therme Manchester (“the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort”, opening where Event City used to be) in the immediate area.

Many felt that this is unnecessary for Trafford, and we should've left the plans in the past.

“Come on,” said Greg, 42, a Lostock resident, exasperatedly. “if you were an avid surfer, why would you even choose to live to Manchester in the first place? On top of all the things that are already here, this is going to make the roads intolerable.”

"I do think it's... needless." said Sally, 33, from Davyhulme. "Out of all the things you could invest [...] in around here- dismal public transport, potholes everywhere, sad-looking parks- a surf park and an ice rink? Really?"

Some felt positively about the proposal.

"I think it's great really , all that [...] coming to Trafford", said Daniel, 23, from Castlefield. "I went to Brighton for uni[versity], and really got into my surfing. I would definitely, you know, pick it back up again if something like that came to Manchester."

What do you think about the plans?