STEVE Diamond believes Sale’s staff agreeing to take a 25 per cent pay cut was simply the right thing to do.

The Sharks announced the wage reduction as all businesses bid to combat the effects of the coronavirus outbreak that has shutdown the country at large.

The club’s director or rugby is among those to sign off on the move which sees Sale join other Premiership rugby clubs in announcing changes to salaries with the competition suspended for the foreseeable future.

"The economy has taken a big hit so there's not much work for them to do,” Diamond told Sky Sports News.

"Generally we've had a great local spirit with us all agreeing to take a 25 per cent cut in wages across the board, from me right down to Robbie Dickson the kit man.

"We see that as necessary with the state that the country is in. Sacrifices have to be made and, you know, I can say hand on heart that rugby has a great sort of ethos about it.

"When times get hard then we see that come to the fore and that's certainly happened this week."

A Sharks statement outlined the club’s thinking as they try to navigate through an uncertain few weeks and months.

“Rugby union, like so many other industries in the UK, needs to take decisive action now to ensure the long-term viability of the sport for the benefit of the people working within it as well as supporters of the game,” it read.

“As well as being financially prudent, Sale Sharks is taking all necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of every employee and stakeholder.

“We are also grateful for the compassion and loyalty of our fans who are not only pledging their ongoing support to the club but also offering assistance amongst their own networks to help each other through these uncertain times.  

“We pride ourselves as being not just a sports team but a family and we are hopeful that by clubbing together like this, it will serve to make us stronger and even more tightly-knit when the rugby can actually resume.”