TRAFFORD MV lost to Leigh in their latest pre-season outing last weekend.

It was a very competitive and a solid first half in which MV led the way with strong performances from Danny Burke and James Matthie, and good directional play from skipper Pat Eccles.

However, an experienced Leigh XV proved to have too much in their locker for MV on the day. 

MV now look forward to a Lancashire Cup first-round tie at Southport on August 31.

With a few gaps in the league season, a good cup run would be good for consistency of performance and also for club finances if a home run is achieved.

Training numbers are good but MV are keen to find new young local rugby talent and provide the platform for players to explore their game and prove themselves at local club first-XV level before venturing into senior level rugby.  

Mini/Junior rugby resumes at Trafford MV on Sunday, September 1 at 10.30am when all young boys and girls from aged four upwards are invited to find out what being part of a friendly rugby club is all about.

Fun, friendship and fitness are just a part of the rugby club's family aim and a dedicated team of volunteers provide a solid, well-organised framework to give the children the basics of the sport.