AT the age of just three, Louie Ockerby-Morris is Trafford Golf Centre’s youngest academy student and is currently impressing both customers and staff out on the range.

Just like Masters champion Tiger Woods, Louie has started golf at the same age of three.

Introduced to the game following a round of adventure golf at Dino Falls Adventure Golf, and encouraged by his dad, Steven Morris, Louie first started showing an interest at the age of two after watching the sport on TV.

Since then, his love for golf and professional golfer Rickie Fowler has grown – he even has a signed Rickie Fowler cap that he takes great pride in wearing when he practices.

Louie has been playing since June last year and began his lessons with Trafford Golf Centre professional, Tom Fearon, in October.

Dad Steven said: “While walking through the driving range to Dino Falls, Louie was asking to have a go and wouldn’t take no for an answer, even though I thought he was too young at the time.

"It was there we met Tom, who kindly arranged for Louie to have a practice on the range and he was immediately hooked, and he has loved every moment since.”

"Louie uses child-friendly Golphin junior clubs and loves to play golf everywhere, from practicing in his bedroom to the park and in his grandma and grandad’s garden.

“There has been a positive boost in his confidence since embarking on golf lessons with Tom which he now attends weekly at the range.

“Louie has always had a confident nature but this has grown through Tom’s encouragement.

"He knows the difference between hitting a great shot and a shot that could have been better.

"He even pretends to be Tom and often teaches us how to play using the skills he has learnt during his lessons.

“Trafford Golf Centre is an incredible facility with everything that you could ever want to learn and develop in every aspect of golf.

"Tom has been incredible from the moment we met, ensuring Louie’s lessons are always fun and engaging which allows him to learn, understand and develop – hopefully into the next Tiger Woods!”

Pete Styles, director of golf at Trafford Golf Centre and Dino Falls, said: “Dino Falls Adventure Golf is a fantastic and fun way for parents to encourage their children to get out of the house and gain an interest in a new sport.

"Our junior academy lessons offer a structured learning programme which encourages and motivates juniors through quality coaching activities and games to make learning this awesome sport great fun.

“We are thrilled Louie is enjoying his lessons at the academy and look forward to seeing his progress in the coming months and years.”