SALE Boxer Sam Hyde opens his new gym in the town on Saturday.

The 25-year-old cruiserweight will be one of the trainers at the base at Unit 4, Booth Road, near to TGI Fridays which is a members-only gym catering for group training.

And he says a variety of sessions will be on offer for those who join up, ranging from boxing to yoga and strength work.

Hyde said: "It is not a boxing gym but a members-only place for group training.

"We will have a variety of different sessions including strength, yoga, high intensity, running club, boxing and caveman/cavewoman sessions.

"I will be doing sessions and we have a physio, two personal trainers and two coaches/personal trainers.

"We've also taken on an apprentice who will be on a personal training course before becoming full-time staff."

The new base which is called Nowhere 2 Hyde Training and Performance, after the boxer's nickname, and includes moving over from a current gym in Northenden.

Saturday's opening night, which is set to include a performance by Trafford band Prose, is by invitation only but they can be requested by getting in touch.

Memberships, which are monthly, are also available by contacting the gym in a variety of channels.

Anyone interested can call or text 07398 148935, visit the Facebook page for Nowhere 2 Hyde Training or go on Instagram @nowhere2hydetraining.