TRAFFORD Golf Centre has revolutionised its driving range by installing the most advanced ball-tracking technology, Toptracer, to 16 bays.

Offering the same technology that traces the shots of the game’s best players on television, Toptracer provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive game screens in the bays, which allows players to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their golf shot.

The fun, tech-driven experience appeals to seasoned players and first-time golfers alike and is a good addition to the Trafford range which is now the UK’s busiest driving range, hitting almost 14 million balls in 2018.

Pete Styles, director of golf at Trafford Golf Centre and Dino Falls, said: “The ball-tracking technology is a complete game changer as customers can now use the Toptracer Range Community App to access their history of shot data, as well as how they rank against other players on leader boards.

“This latest attraction compliments the ongoing improvements and new facilities at Trafford Golf Centre, including Dino Falls Adventure Golf, extended catering facility and consistent supply of new Srixon golf balls and equipment.

"We look forward to seeing both existing and new customers enjoying the new technology.”

Sampling the new facility recently was Trafford golfer, Graham Howarth, who has had more than 40 years of enjoying, developing and always trying to improve his golf.

He added: “The invitation to sample the new facility at the Trafford Golf Centre was too good to miss.

"The centre has invested heavily in something that will be the envy of many other driving ranges.

“I was able to have sessions in both the Toptracer bays and the short-game practice area ably coached by Matt Fryer, one of the eight professional coaches employed at the centre.

“Sixteen bays, on both the upstairs and downstairs section, have been converted into high-tech areas, each with its own touch-screen computer with software designed to give the player an enormous amount of information about the shots played.

“After each shot the screen displays statistical detail about line, distance in flight, the amount of run on the ball, proximity to the pin and much more.

"In fact there is so much information it takes a little while to be able to assimilate it all, but once you have done so it is a real help in understanding what has happened during and after the shot, enabling the player to make adjustments when hitting further balls.

“The software also allows more than one player to be involved meaning that the practice session can be competitive if so desired.

"I certainly enjoyed my session and was grateful for Matt’s friendly and helpful advice on how to make the best use of the huge array of facilities available and would encourage golfers, whatever their ability, to go and sample this state-of-the-art facility and improve their game.”