WITH England off to a flying start in the Six Nations, interest in rugby is really taking off.

The sport is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities but now Sale FC Rugby Club wants to take things a step further.

The club has launched walking rugby to help fans and non-fans alike get fit without getting bumped and bashed.

Sessions take place on Monday evenings at the club’s CorpAcq stadium, in Heywood Road, Sale, and were set up in partnership with Sale Sharks.

Coach Matt Hulme, who runs the sessions, said: “It’s a great way to get fit and stay mobile. It’s designed for players up to the age of 80.

“We have participants from ages 30 to 71-years-old, but everyone is welcome. Just come down on a Monday night for a 6.30pm start and you’re welcome to join in.”

The rules are simple ­— running is forbidden as is passing the ball higher than shoulder height and tackles are replaced with a two-handed touch.

Out goes the classic rugby scrum and diving between the posts for a try, and in comes a rule where players must pass after three seconds to keep the game moving ­— and scores are made by walking across the goal line.

If anyone is interested in taking part in walking rugby at Sale FC, you can turn up on the Monday evening. Sessions start at 6.30pm or contact the club for more details: marketing@salefc.com