JOLLY Butcher's Stuart Graham and Chris Stone and Andy Brownhill and Gary Sullivan of Timperley Cons progressed to the final of the Altrincham and Sale Round the Board Darts League pairs competition last week.

They made it through from a total of 29 pairings competing for a place in next May's final.

In the early rounds there were some fantastic matches with the likes of Andy McCormack and Darren Wood taking out some of the big names.

Darren Buckley and Paul Murray were on form as were Gary Starkey and John Thierens.

The Holt brothers, Steve and Ian, Manor and Karl Chapman and Danny O’Donnell and Dave Peploe were also throwing great darts and making their way through the early stages in good form.

In the later rounds, Paul Andrews and Kevin Kelly came good but it was the strong pairings of Iris and Nigel Beeton, of the British Rail, Jamie Telford and Paul Devine, of the Jolly Butcher, and Andy Skinner and Tony Scrabbs, also of the Jolly Butcher, who looked like they may reach the last two.

But it was the incredibly strong pairings of Graham and Stone and Brownhill and Sullivan who triumphed.