SAM Shaw is relishing his role as the professional at New Mills Golf Club after returning to his golfing roots.

He said: “I started golf back when I was eight years old at New Mills Golf Club and had more interest in football.

“However I was injured at football and worked hard at golf and got down to low single figures very quickly

“That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a career in golf. I started working for Carl Cross at Mellor and Townscliffe GC, who I had lessons off as a kid, and I started off working on Sunday afternoons.

“From there the Sunday afternoons developed into a part-time job when Carl took me under his wing to help me pursue a career in golf.

“When I turned 18 I started with the PGA and it became a full-time job. I loved everything about the job and was so passionate about everything from the business, to the playing, to the coaching.

“Since then I have built up a large teaching base and coach people who are completely new to the sport to professional golfers.

“I would like to thank family and friends for their support and Carl Cross.

“Since I started my role at New Mills the club has taken on over 40 new members and increased green fee revenue month in month out.

“The club is moving forward with the times and is known as the friendliest in the area. We constantly make visitors feel welcome and have appealing membership deals along with a great clubhouse. In the clubhouse it is always busy down to the great food and bar.

“Going forward we are going to continue to grow our membership and improve the course, as well as offering five-star service in my shop and the best coaching possible.

“It’s great to be back at the club as head pro as it was what I dreamed about back when I was a junior.”