A FORMER Royal Caribbean Cruise Line entertainer, from Sale, has brought his talents back to dry land.

Piano vocalist, John James has been a musician all of his life and in 1999 took up his ambition of performing on a cruise ship.

The ambition came from his brother, Kevin, an extremely successful musician.

In the 70's Kevin was due to perform on a cruise ship but was took ill with cancer and died at the age of 28 before making it on-board. So, John made it his mission to do that for him.

A high-light on the cruise for John, was Susan Anton - after her show, she used to go and sit by John at his grand piano and listen to him play.

But it did have difficult moments. He said: "I used to play on average 65 hours a week - I had a young family at the time so being away for three months at a time was hard."

Throughout his musical career, he has worked with the man with the golden flute, James Galway, supported Georgie Fame and has coached young artists.

Back on dry land, 58-year-old John, is now a semi-retired musician and is working hard for local charities such as Francis House, The Christie, Age Concern and Mind.

He has also been playing on charity theatre tours with Eamonn O'Neil of BBC Radio Manchester and CEO of St Anne's Hospice.

From this, John decided to put on luncheon events to raise money.

He said: "I've been fund raising by playing for 35 years and I have learnt how supporters enjoy getting together with some light entertainment, creating a community spirit and contributing a little to these wonderful organisations. I also do small performances of music therapy locally, for the elderly, in various residencies.

"I get great pleasure from bringing good people together, to do good deeds and providing some classic easy standards for the memories."

When his son, Barney returns from his studies at Liverpool University, the 21-year-old performs along-side John as a guitarist.

The next event will be held at The Chez Nous Bistro in Marsland Road, Sale on October 26. Eamonn O'Neil will also be there for a two-course lunch, live music and raffle prizes. Tickets are £20 per head. To buy a ticket call Paul at the Chez Nous on 01619691172.

John is hoping to hold an event on the last Thursday of each month and asks for any charities to get in touch if they would like John to perform for them. For more information visit his website: johndjames.co.uk.