A SALE boy was rushed to hospital after suddenly developing symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

Jack Anderson, 11, a pupil at Egerton High School, Urmston, lost two stone in two weeks, was tired all the time and drank water constantly.

His mother, Laura Bowker-Ford, wants to raise awareness of the disease so that other parents know how to identify the symptoms. Around 400,000 people in the UK have type 1 diabetes, with more than 29,000 of those being children. The disease has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle, and symptoms can occur very suddenly.

Laura, of Harley Road, said: "Jack was tired all the time and would just fall asleep in the middle of the floor half way through the day.

"He drank water constantly and also went to the toilet every 10 minutes or so. Then at swimming class, all of a sudden Jack's face went blue and he was struggling to breathe so we bundled him into the car and straight down to the hospital.

"Jack was taken into a side room and given treatment before being taken to the children's high dependency ward. It was a massive shock, we had no idea children with a good diet got diabetes or what the signs were.

"It's definitely something people need to be aware of as to think not knowing the symptoms nearly lost us our precious boy."

Jack had to be rehydrated and was slowly given insulin over three days to normalise his blood sugar levels. He now needs to inject himself with insulin before eating or drinking.

Jack is taking part in the One Fun Run for JDRF, an organisation that is trying to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. To sponsor him, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jackanderson05

Signs of type 1 diabetes can be identified with the four T's: Tired. Thirsty. Thinner. Toilet. If you feel tired or thirsty a lot of the time, lose weight rapidly or go to the toilet very often, these can all be symptoms of type 1 diabetes. If you spot any of these signs see your doctor.