AN URMSTON man who had a long history of depression and alcohol abuse died after taking a massive overdose of prescription pain killers, a coroner’s inquest heard. Kenneth McGlone, 38, was found by police on February 26 in the lounge of his Gladstone Road home.

Inside, police found a note outlining his intentions, and empty packets of painkillers that Mr McGlone had been prescribed by his GP for an ankle injury sustained two years earlier after being hit by a car.

Giving evidence in court, Mr McGlone senior said his son, who also suffered from epilepsy and had been treated several times at Trafford’s General’s Moorside Unit for depression, had been left in permanent pain following the accident which nearly resulted in his foot being amputated.

A toxicology report showed Mr McGlone, a plumber by trade, had taken the tablets and consumed a substantial amount of alcohol shortly before.

South Manchester deputy coroner Joanne Kearsley said: “The cause of death was due to his medication and the alcohol. I have to accept he did take his own life, but I am going to record that he did so whilst suffering from depression.”