RESIDENTS and traders in Old Trafford are teaming up with Trafford Council to tackle litter in the area.

There will be surveys with residents about litter in the area and community litter picks.

The group will also be looking at issues such as littering, bin theft, fly tipping and lack of street bins and setting up initiatives to help address any problems.

One of the main aims of the group is to set up a neighbourhood agreement. The agreement is a voluntary code of practice which residents and service providers set up what each can expect from the other.

It will set out standards which residents will support and set out what the council will do in support of the scheme, for example providing contact numbers for reporting issues and setting timelines for responding.

Executive councillor Jonathan Coupe said: "This is a great initiative and the council is really supportive of this and keen to work closely with the residents to help achieve our shared goal to keep Old Trafford litter free."

The first community litter pick is on May 13 from 10am - to get involved contact Sam on 0161 912 4145. For more information about the project generally visit