PUPILS at Davyhulme Primary School took to the stage to tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection earlier this week, although it’s possibly the first time the age old tale’s ever played out to King of Pop’s music.

The school took the unusual decision to incorporate some of Michael Jackson best loved hits in to their annual production following the singer’s death last June, which the show’s creator, Year 5 teacher Lee Parkinson, said seemed inspire a new army of young fans.

The Canterbury Road school has a history of whacky themes for their Easter play, last year adopting a theme from the popular TV show CSI.

“Each year we try to put a different spin on the performance and think of different ways to re-tell the story of Easter that will appeal to the children and also entertain the parents,” teacher Lee told SUM.

“This year we feel found the most unusual yet impressive twist by telling the traditional easter story accompanied by the songs of Michael Jackson.

“His death seemed to inspire a whole new generation of young fans all of who appreciate his talent, so I started throwing ideas around and things just seemed to click.”

Lee eventually re-wrote eight of Jackson’s hits, inclluding Smooth Sriminal, Billie Jean, Thriller and Beat it. The chorus of Davyhulme’s ‘reworked’ Thriller went: “Because it’s Jesus, Jesus Christ, he died upon that cross, and you can't believe your sight, you know it’s Jesus, Jesus Christ, he died upon that cross, and now he's living, living tonight.

“It was a very exciting project and I wasn't sure we would be able to pull off at first,” added Lee. “The children just took off and couldn’t stop talking about it.

“Once we taught them our unique versions of the songs they couldn't stop singing and humming the tunes. It’s been inspiring to see how the children have responded and understood the story.”

Parents were treated to the show Last Wedneday night, with a second performance on Thursday.