AN ALTRINCHAM resident was stunned when he spotted strange lights in the sky above his home.

The man spotted the UFO (pictured) just after 3am on December 3 - and then it was joined by a smaller one.

He said: "The light was a very bright whitish/orangish/reddish object and appeared to be a jagged triangular shape. The object was almost directly above my house and it is difficult to say how high up in the sky it was, it appeared to be several hundred feet from the ground but it could have been a lot further away.

"I am pretty sure that what I was seeing was the bottom/stomach of the object, it was completely silent and I could not see any movement, it seemed to be completely still."

Then something "happened that was just completely mind boggling and quiet a spectacle."

He added: "Suddenly a smaller circular shaped light, greenish/white in appearance appeared from nowhere. I stood and observed the second object and watched as it blinked on and off several times, while also disappearing and re-appearing in different parts of the night sky as well as moving around the larger triangular object.

"I have to say, some of the manoeuvres and speed of the moving light was just simply stunning, mind boggling and just plain weird. After roughly one minute the circular light shot off in a north-westerly direction at tremendous speed and blinked out and just simply vanished."

Thirty seconds later the main nobject disapeared; "It was like someone switched a light off, there was an orangish/reddish flash and the thing was gone."