MYSTERY still surrounds the ownership of a parrot featured in last week’s Messenger which appeared out of the blue in Broadheath.

Several people came forward to claim the bird was theirs.

The green coloured Indian ring necked parrot, pictured, was spotted several times feasting on fruit trees in Mandarin Green by youngsters at a childminders.

On Thursday, however, after reading the article in Messenger, Dunham Massey rangers got in touch to say the bird may belong to them.

“He does usually go off to have wonder every now and then,” ranger John Roberts told SAM, “but he always comes back again to his nest near the cenotaph.

“I’m pretty sure this is the same bird, as it’s the same colour and breed.

“He’s probably got a bit lonely and has gone off to find some company.

“We’ve had him about six years now. He’s completely wild, we havent given him a name or anything, but he gets by alright.”

But since then a further six people have been in touch with Messenger to say they’ve also lost birds matching the breed and description of the Broadheath ring neck, including a woman from Middlewich and another from the Knutsford area.

Despite the interest, the bird - believed to be a cock - has now not been seen since last Wednesday, so possibly remaining at large.

Have you seen the mystery green parrot? Do you think it could be yours? Contact the news desk on 908 3388.