A KILLER with symptoms of psychosis remained unmedicated for months before he knifed a chef at his flat in Urmston, a probe has found.

Philip Owen, 42, died at his home in Gloucester Road in October 2016 after being stabbed in the neck by Ashley Bosson, a homeless man he had only met the same night.

Bosson, who 'laughed like a hyena' after the killing, was later given an indefinite hospital order after being convicted of manslaughter at Manchester Crown Court.

Now a serious case review into the schizophrenia sufferer's medical treatment, has criticised the former Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMW).

Review author Naomi Ibbs said Bosson was first treated by mental health services in August 2014, and had seven admissions, including three official detentions. When he was released from jail after a robbery sentence in 2016 the authorities were concerned about his potential risk to others.

His crown court trial heard Mr Owen, after meeting Bosson in a pub, texted a friend, saying: "I helped this homeless person. Now he's here. I'm scared."

Neighbours heard Mr Owen saying "stop it" three times that night. Later Bosson was singing rap tunes to himself. One concerned resident, after not hearing from him, found the victim's body on his living room floor the next evening.

Bosson was arrested after telling his grandfather: "I've done something stupid".

Miss Ibbs, in her review, said clinicians failed to consider if Bosson's psychosis was present in addition to recognised drug problems. She also noted disagreements between medics over his diagnosis and a lack of medication outside of prison and hospital stays.

She added: "It is the view of the panel that had (Bosson's) psychosis been properly assessed and treated then this would have reduced the risk of his violent and aggressive behaviour."

But she conceded it was hard to say whether, even if Bosson was properly treated, Mr Owen's death was avoidable.