A FORMER Urmston cricket player has died aged 79.

Brian Taylor passed away on Wednesday October 16 at 7pm following a period of ill health.

Steven Taylor, Brian’s son, wants to make people aware of his father’s passing due to his popularity in the area.

He said: “He was such a popular and well known guy that every time I walked into the centre of Urmston with him we would stop and chat with several different people.

“People loved him because he was a gentleman - polite, kind, and respectful, especially to the ladies.

“Everyone around knew him, he loved socialising in the pub and watching many a cricket match.”

Brian was born in Davyhulme on January 4 1940.

At the age of 18, he started working for DHSS as a Fraud Officer, investigation people who were working when they claimed to be unemployed.

Brian loved the job, staying with the company for 45 years, and was particularly enamoured with his flexible working hours, enjoying the chance to catch a few cricked matches at Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

The sport was a big part of Brian’s life. He played for Urmston Cricket Club for over 30 years, joining the Lancashire Country Cricket Club’s Over 50s team later on in life.

Brian married Christine Taylor, 74, in 1965. The pair met at the Ritz in Manchester and had two children – 52-year-old author and lecturer Steven and DWP worker Dave, 53.

Brian's family would like to invite people to his funeral, but a date has not yet been decided.