Urmston’s first charity fun run has been a huge success.

The 5k race on Sunday was organised by Claire Foster from the Steamhouse.

A whopping £5,741 was raised for Jude’s Fund, a special trust for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Claire said: “Jude’s story is one that really tugs at the heartstrings of the whole community, especially those with children.

“There’s been no research into bone cancer since the 1970s because it’s a rarer form of cancer.

“He was raising money when he was really poorly and if he can do it then anyone else can.”

Jude Anderton was 12 when he sadly lost his battle with bone cancer last February.

He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right arm less than a year before he passed away.

Doctors discovered secondary tumours on his lungs, and he had surgery to replace a few of his bones with a titanium prosthetic to remove some of the growths.

No new treatments for bone cancer have been developed for over 40 years and survival rates for the condition haven’t increased.

Jude took part in a lot of fundraising while he was unwell and the fund in his memory has raised over £140,000.

Claire met Jude and his family not long after she opened Harry’s Temperance Bar in late 2017.

The alcohol-free dessert bar is on the road that Jude’s family live on.

Jude’s first visit with his parents and three younger brothers prompted the team to create a peanut butter milkshake, his favourite flavour.

The run took place on pavements across the area after the council refused to shut roads for the event.

Claire hopes that the success of this year’s run will allow the council to approve a bigger event for next year.