AN inspirational woman battling a brain tumour is to get help making her bucket list of dreams come true, thanks to her colleagues at Peacocks in Stretford Mall.

Just before Christmas, only months after her mum’s recovery from breast cancer, Sarah Alouise Cahill was diagnosed with a glioblastoma tumour leaving her, her friends, family and colleagues devastated.

Now, whilst Sarah, 27, undergoes intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, her work mates at the Peacocks fashion store in Stretford Mall, are determined to raise enough to send her on the trip of a lifetime.

The team are planning a series of fundraising events to raise £3,000 to send Sarah on her dream holiday to Amsterdam.

The idea came about after shop assistant Sarah drew up her bucket list with her best friend Joanna Walsh, who is assistant manager at the store, and whose eight year-old daughter Brooke Bowden, is Sarah’s god-daughter.

Sarah said: “I’ve never had a ‘bucket list’, but when the girls at work had the idea to fundraise they asked me to write down some things I’d love to do."

So far, the list has 37 items including, getting matching tattoos, a visit to the “blue roof” at Chillfactor, a spa day, to take a selfie every day, and lunch in a posh restaurant.

She also has a goal to go on a Harry Potter tour for Brooke’s ninth birthday, and longer term hopes she will be able to see Brooke make it to high school.

She has even added 'feed a homeless person' to the list, and wants to complete the Race for Life, in aid of the Christie Hospital in Withington, where she is being treated.

Sarah’s brain tumour was diagnosed after she collapsed following a prolonged headache – the tumour is stage 4 cancerous and can’t be operated on at the moment.

In December 2017, Sarah had surgery to remove some of the tumour but is now pinning her hopes on chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumour, before another scan in March to decide if more surgery is possible.

Sarah said: “It’s a long haul, with no guarantees of recovery.

“At the moment they can't operate but surgery has not been completely ruled out in the future. It depends how successful the chemo is. I’m just trying my hardest to stay positive.”

It is the second time Sarah’s family has suffered the torment of having to confront the disease after her mum, Carole, battled breast cancer and is now in remission.

Sarah said: “We’ve had a tough few years as a family, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. Mum was so brave and never gave up. She’s really inspired me to fight this thing as courageously as I can."

Twenty-six Peacocks stores across Greater Manchester will fundraise for Sarah’s cause across March.

Stretford Mall Peacocks store manager, Mandy Cocker said: “Sarah is hugely popular - we’re heartbroken to think of her having to go through this. We’re determined to let her know we’re all here for her and we’ve put together an action plan to achieve one of her long held dreams.”

Anything Peacocks raise above £3,000 will be donated to The Christie Hospital in Withington that treats more than 44,000 cancer patients a year.

Sarah said: “It really needs the money, the hospital is stretched to the brim, it sees so many patients and the staff work so hard. The hospital desperately needs as much help as we can give it to beat Cancer.”

The charity walk will be held on March 18 from Manchester City Centre to Stretford.

To make a donation to Sarah’s bucket list fund pop into Peacocks at Stretford Mall.

To join in the Peacocks fundraising walk contact Mandy Cocker or Joanna Walsh at Peacocks, Stretford Mall shopping Centre on 0161 864 1025.