REGARDLESS of his owner working with many big name actors as a TV and film extra, King Charles Spaniel, Bailey, is the one regarded as the real star by care home residents in Timperley.

After hearing about a friend in Brighton, doing holistic therapy in care homes, mother of two, Georgia Soley, who has appeared in well known series' such as Peaky Blinders and Coronation Street decided to train her dog, Bailey as a therapy dog.

She said: "I heard how much difference my friend was making in Brighton and I knew Bailey would make a great therapy dog - has to be the sweetest, most gentle dog ever."

Once a week, Georgia visits Timperley Nursing Home, in Mainwood Road, with three-year-old Bailey to spend time with the residents.

She said: “We are so blessed to have him in our family and it seemed only natural to share him once a week with the residents of Timperley care home.

"We live close by in Timperley but I particularly chose the home because, as a vegan, I discovered they support people who are vegetarian and vegan.

"It's really nice and heart-warming to see the enjoyment the residents get from him. There is one man who never really shows any response to anything but then as soon as he saw Bailey, his fact lit up."

"With everything you see in the media these days about nursing homes, there's so much negativity and worry about how people are treated. So, it was really nice to see how lovely everyone was treated and how much the staff genuinely care about the residents and they want to give them a good time as much as possible."

Estelle Felstead, one of the activities coordinators at the Kingsley Healthcare run home, said: “Bailey has such a wonderful temperament and he has made quite a mark on our residents.

“For those residents who remain in their rooms, he is a breath of fresh air and a sheer delight as he sits contentedly allowing them to pet and stroke him.

“We are truly privileged at Timperley to have a number of willing visitors who visit for various reasons. What wonderful dimensions they bring to the lives of everyone.”

Bailey has also recently followed in Georgia's footsteps and has just filmed for his first on-screen debut for a drama which can't yet be revealed.