WYEVALE Garden Centre in Altrincham is hosting a series of activities for budding young gardeners this half term.

Between February 12 to 16 the centre is giving children aged between three and eight years old the opportunity to grow their own garden features, build bird houses and terrariums and plant their own mini gardens.

Each session will run for 20 minutes

Visit www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/events for more details.

Craft Week at Wyevale Garden Centres:

Make a Bird Home

Monday February 12

£2.50 (20 minute sessions)

Decorate a cosy bird box for your garden birds.

Terrific Terrarium

Tuesday February 13

£2.50 (20 minute sessions)

Plant your own terrarium and give your plants a place to thrive.

Grown Your Own Mini Garden

Wednesday February 14

£2.50 (20 minute sessions)

Plant your own mini garden with giant flowers, beehives and wild friends.

Flower Power Pot

Thursday February 15

£2.50 (20 minute sessions)

Plant your own flower and decorate a pot and plant marker.

Feed the Birds

Friday February 16

£2.50 (20 minute sessions)

Create your own feeder platform to entice more birds into your garden.