A YEAR on from the brutal attack which left an 82-year-old grandmother with serious injuries and later caused her death, police and her family are re-appealing for witnesses.

Despite a £50,000 reward, extensive inquiries and appeals to the public, Eileen Blane’s killer is still at large.

Today, police are re-appealing for information, with never-before-seen CCTV footage and an e-fit of two men they want to identify.

Mrs Blane was in her home in Castleton Avenue, Stretford, at about 2.30pm on Friday, February 3, 2017, when a man forced his way into the house.

He beat her repeatedly, demanding cash, before snatching her wedding ring from her finger. He also attacked her Jack Russell, Sammy.

While he ransacked upstairs, she managed to escape and alert her neighbours.

Her attacker inflicted a number of injuries on Mrs Blaine including broken ribs, a fractured vertebrae and further internal injuries and bruises.

She was discharged from hospital at the end of March but was found dead at home by her son David, 58, on April 1.

David said: “I couldn't believe what had happened to my mum — an 87-year-old woman punched in the face. When she went to hospital the injuries were worse than expected.

"We didn't know she had broken ribs and a damaged spine. We made the house nice for when she came home. Unfortunately she was going to die there.”

In hospital, Mrs Blane remained fearful of her attacker.

Her other son, John, 57 said: “When I saw her in hospital she said 'have they caught him yet, John?' And I'd say no they're still working on it. She told me she had two problems with it, two main reasons she wanted him caught – one, 'he could do this to someone else, it's not fair and he needs to get caught.’ And two ‘he's going to kill someone doing this.’ And he did.

"The thing with my mum is she was a very trusting lady. She always kept her doors locked, but she was very trusting of people on face value.

"If someone told her something she had no reason to disbelieve them. When the incident happened it caused a great deal of shock to my mum because it was something you read about in the paper or see on a drama series – it wasn't real life.

"It was devastating because she never imagined someone would do that to someone of her age and stature. She was mobile, she did her own shopping, she walked in the park with the dog. She was quite happy in her own little world.

But this was devastating — she was concerned that this guy was still walking around."

Her attacker is described as white, aged in his 20s, about 5ft 8in tall, of slim build.

He was wearing a dark jacket with the hood covering his face.

Police have been investigating the case ever since. However, police are still asking people of Greater Manchester for any information that will lead them to person responsible for the attack.

John said: "Over the past 12 months life has got easier, but unfortunately the culprit is still out there and he's possibly done this to someone else that we don't even know yet. I'm hoping we can catch this guy.

"I totally want for the person to be caught — one for me and our kid's sake and two for anyone else out there who it may have happened to that we don't know about yet — or it's going to happen to.

"We want closure on this for our sake and for other people.

"All I would like is for whoever has done this to come forward and please hand yourself in — or if you know anything about it come forward."

After following several leads over the past 12 months, police have now released never-before-seen CCTV footage and an e-fit of two men they want to identify.

Messenger Newspapers: e-fit of man police would like to speak toe-fit of man police would like to speak to

Detective Inspector Mulvihill, leading the investigation, said: “We are 12 months into the investigation since Eileen was attacked in her home address on February 3, 2017.

“We are following a number of lines of inquiry and I want to appeal to the community of Stretford and the people of Greater Manchester for any information that will lead me and my team to the person responsible for the attack on Eileen.

“It is possible that all these men are the same person, but I have to keep an open mind and at this moment in time I am treating them as three different people who I need to eliminate from my inquiry.”

The three men described by witnesses are:

ONE: A man who was acting suspiciously in Chatsworth Road in Stretford at about 1.30pm on the afternoon Mrs Blane was attacked. He was described as wearing a hooded coat or top and he was seen walking up and down driveways in Chatsworth Road in Stretford. A witness described his behaviour as suspicious.

TWO: A man who was seen shopping in the Co-op in Barton road in Stretford. He was seen at 2.30pm. He entered the shop where he bought toilet paper. He's described as white, in his late teens to early 20s, with a slim build, and he was wearing a dark coloured Nike coat with a hood up.

THREE: A man seen in Castleton Avenue which is the road where Eileen lived. He was seen about 3pm near the junction of Bradwell Avenue acting suspiciously in that location. He's described as white, in his late teens, early 20s, slim build, with gaunt features with sandy brown/gingerish hair, longer on top shorter at the back and sides.

Insp Mulvihill urged these three men to come forward to be eliminated from inquiries.

He said: “In my view, from 29 years of policing, the person responsible for Eileen's death was a man who was desperate for a quick fix, for cash to get himself drugs or to feed another habit or to pay off a debt.

“He was an opportunist and he had taken this opportunity to inflict the injuries he did on Eileen for very little reward. Eileen's ring, with regard to financial value, was very little, but the sentimental value, I couldn't put a price on.

“That person may still be out there, he may be listening to this appeal and if he is I urge him to do the right thing, please come forward, make yourself known to the police, give justice for Eileen's family and bring closure top this investigation.”

“This is an appeal to the offender responsible that if he is out there and to surrender himself.”

A £50,000 reward still stands for anyone with information that leads to the successful conviction of the person responsible.