WHIZZ Kids - Altrincham's junior synchronised skating team have smashed the British Championships and won their category by a whopping 20 points in front of silver place.

Fifteen girls aged between 12 and 17 won the event at the National Ice Centre, Nottingham on January 14, competing against over 60 teams.

The team had to perform two separate routines and came first place in both and beat their own personal best.

Throughout competition season, Sam Ozard coaches the team twice a week at 6am. Her daughters, Tabitha, who turned 12-years-old on the day of the competition and Tilly, 15 both compete in the team.

She said: "It's amazing to see them go out, give the best they can do and nothing to happen or go wrong. And when they win by such a large margin, with such small amount of time to practice and still pull it out the bag - it's just amazing.

"The parents are really supportive - it's not easy to be able to get to this point - each child has to keep up with their own progress and complete their own tests to be able to compete. The parents always get up and bring them to training at 6am - it's a massive commitment and it's not cheap, but when we win like this is makes us realise why we do it.

"To be a mother and a coach it's really emotional."

Sam also coaches two other teams. The adult team, Bladerunners are two times British champions, however this year missed the gold title by 0.04 points.

Sam said: "They still got their highest ever score so can't ask for any better - it's made them more determined to come back and win next year.

Sam's sister, Sally Greenway competes in the Adult team. She said : "It's a real family affair."

The third team, Altair still managed to come seventh in the competition, with two skaters down.

Next, the teams will take a trip to Scotland for the international competition where people from all over the globe including America and Canada compete.

The team have also been chosen by Tesco to be one of the three chosen causes for the blue token scheme. Shoppers in Tesco Extra Altrincham or Tesco Express Hale have until February 28 to put a token in the team's section to win money to get them to the World Championships.