AN Altrincham Rotarian is travelling to India with her son to assist in the National Immunisation Day (NID).

Karen Wroe and Niall Oulton are travelling to India as part of the polio immunisation programme with NID Coordinator, Mike Yates.

The aim of the day on January 28 is to minimise the risk of the Polio virus coming and re-infecting a Polio Free India, by immunising 173 million children under five years old.

Altrincham Rotary Club have always supported the cause and last year, organised a Spring Ball at the Cresta Court Hotel in aid of EndPolio and also supported two local Altrincham causes.

Karen, 54, said: β€œTo see at first-hand how Rotary is helping towards the eradication of Polio was an opportunity not to missed; but more importantly, knowing that we have helped to prevent children from getting polio is reward in itself. The UK has been polio free for many years and it is easy to forget how terrible this disease is.”

Niall, aged 24, is currently employed as an economist in London. He is currently considering retraining to become a doctor feels the trip will give him valuable experience as well as helping others.

Niall said: "when asked by my mum if I was interested I jumped at the chance, it is not every day that as a young person you get the opportunity to do something so worthwhile."

Volunteers from across the UK and Ireland will visit the Rotary Office in Delhi. There, they will be allocated across four destinations, all classed as areas of high risk of re-infection due to high population density and poor sanitation.

These include Delhi, which has a mix of the best housing and the worst slums, Bhiwadi, Amritsat and Kolkata.

Karen and Niall will leave the UK on January 24 and will return on February 4.

Whilst there, they will be administering the Polio oral drops in Delhi, as well working with the locals to encourage families with young children to attend the immunisation day.

They will also have the opportunity to visit the local hospital where Dr Mathews helps polio victims to walk again.

Rotary International has been fighting the polio virus since 1979 and has reduced the number of people affected by 99.9% and vaccinated more than 2.5 billion children in that time in 122 countries.

There are three endemic countries left with two countries and 16 people affected last year.

Altrincham Rotary club has raised hundreds of pounds towards the eradication of polio with various fund raising activities over the years and hopes that this will soon be year zero.