SCHOOLS and Parents in Trafford are warning children to keep safe after a spate of attacks in the area.

The awareness comes after one parent's 14-year-old son was attacked last Saturday, January 6 in Hale.

He said: "He was out with his friends in Hale on the weekend - he called to say he had no money on him - I drove to meet him and found him in Carluccio's - he came to the car with bright red eyes where he told me a group of around 30 youths had tried to rob him - when he refused to hand over his phone and coat around 10 lads and girls started to beat him up. They thankfully got away and had took refuge in the restaurant who I can't thank enough for keeping them safe "

After a post on Facebook to warn others of the attack and spread the word, a Facebook group 'keep our children safe Altrincham/surrounding areas' was set up for parents to work together on ideas to keep their children safe and share their stories.

One commented on the group about her son who was mugged on the bridge of Sale tram station. Another posted of her daughter being attacked at Altrincham bus station and the gang throwing stones at the trams.

After a lot of messages from parents sharing 'horror stories' that had happened to their children, one parent started to attend all schools in the area to raise the alarm. He also said that he wanted to fund rape alarms and whistles to give out to children.

Wellington, Heyes Lane and Ashton on Mersey School have all send letters to parents stating that there is a large group of young people about targeting other young people in an "intimidating and threatening manor".

They warned children to never walk alone and keep all money and phones out of site.

The advised children if they came across the gang to, make as much noise as possible, find an adult, go in a nearby shop and to inform parents and the school.

Police are now investigating this group.

Chief Inspector Fahar Zaman, from GMP’s Trafford borough, said: “We completely understand parents’ concerns and want to assure everyone we are doing everything we can to address the current issues with anti-social behaviour involving a specific group of teenagers.

“An investigation is ongoing and we are working with partners and victims to identify all those involved.

“Whilst enquiries continue we will be patrolling the area where the group are known to congregate as well as providing a physical police presence near schools during home time.

“The police and local authority will take appropriate action once those responsible have been identified.”