A HUGE amount of rubbish has been dumped outside shops in Timperley.

Three large bins outside of the One Stop Shop on Briarfield Road which belong to Irwell Valley Homes in the flats above have mounted with extra rubbish over the Christmas period causing complaints by near-by residents.

They said that this is an ongoing issue with these bins and have often seen mattresses and sofas dumped there.

One local resident said: "It's an ongoing issue and it's horrible to have to walk past every day - I report the issue every time but nothing ever improves."

Cllr Laura Evans, Village Ward, has been working hard to solve the fly-tipping problem.

She said: "This is an issue with Irwell Housing Association - Over the Christmas period the issue here has got worse as people have more rubbish to dispose of - as soon as we report the issue to Amey they always clear it up, but this shouldn't have to be the case. I'm trying to get Trafford and Irwell to work together to work on a designated enclosure for the bins to stop the fly-tipping - this has worked really well in other areas that have had the same issue - it's a cost-effective solution, but at the moment Irwell don't seem to see that it needs urgent action.

"I can't understand the mentality of the people dumping rubbish - we have 24 bins in Timperley and they are never full, yet there is still rubbish thrown on the floor. I will continue to pursue this issue - we need to catch the culprits."

A spokesperson for the One Trafford Partnership said: "Emptying bins from the borough’s 97,000 households is a job that we take extremely seriously and work hard to achieve a high quality standard.

“We are aware of the ongoing issues with the bins at the flats on Briarfield Road and have been working with Irwell Valley Homes to try and resolve them. Due to these bins being accessible to the wider public, we are aware that they are being abused - with rubbish being dumped by people who do not live at the flats. Discussions are ongoing with Irwell Valley Homes to try and get these bins secured away from the general public.

“On this occasion the bins could not be emptied as the crew could not access the bins due to the amount of extra waste dumped in front and to the side of the bins. We have contacted Irwell Valley Homes asking that they remove the extra waste, allowing our crew to return and empty the bins.”

Residents can report a missed bin by phone on 03330 035865 or online at https://my.trafford.gov.uk

Irwell Valley did not want to make a comment.