A SLIMMER who transformed her life by losing one and a half stone is using her success to shape a whole new career in helping people in Stretford achieve their weight loss goals.

Julie Birchenough, 52, joined her local Slimming World group in Urmston three years ago and dropped from over 11 stone to less than 10 stone in just three months.

She said: “I remember feeling frustrated as all my clothes were tight or I couldn’t fit in them. I had a holiday to Florida coming up and wanted to look good for that, so after joining Slimming World and switching from microwave meals to eating as much healthy food as I wanted, including all my favourites like curry and pasta, I managed to lose nearly a stone before my holiday - I couldn’t believe it.

"I remember feeling worried about going to the group as I knew I didn't have that much to lose - I thought that people might judge me, but everyone welcomed me and I found everyone was treated the same no matter how much weight they wanted to lose.”

"Slimming World is more a way of life now. So much so my husband and daughter joined - she gets married next year and we are taking the whole family to Florida so they are trying to get to their dream weight for that."

Julie has now trained as a consultant for Slimming World, the UK’s largest group-based weight loss organisation, and is all set to open her own group in Stretford at All Saints Church, Barton Road, stating on Thursday January 4 at 7pm.

Julie said: "I haven't been working as I'm the main carer for my Mum, she is 82 and has Alzeimers so that's why being a Slimming World Consultant is perfect for me, I get to help people my favourite thing to do. I used to work for a charity helping disabled people gain employment, one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs I have done so I'm looking forward to achieving that at group.

"The latest government figures reveal that around one in four adults are obese so so my new role has never been more important.

"When I first joined Slimming World as a member, I never dreamed that I would end up helping other people to lose weight but now I just can’t wait to get started.

Nicole Nixon, who manages Julie as her team developer, said: “Slimming World Consultants are chosen because they genuinely care about the health and happiness of others. With Julie’s experience of losing weight herself as a member and her kind and warm personality and great sense of humour I just know that she’ll be an amazing support to members in Stretford, cheering them all the way to their target weight.”

Julie’s group will be held at All Saints Church every Thursday at 7pm from January 4. For more information or to join Julie’s group either call her on 07868742090.