YOUNG philanthropists at St Ambrose College collected 100 boxes of food for those that need it the most at Christmas, as they reversed the traditional advent calendar.

The Religious Education Department at the Hale Barns faith school asked the boys to forgo their daily chocolate treat but instead bring in a non perishable food item every day in the lead up to Christmas.

Assistant head of theology and religious studies, Andy Roche, said: “It's been heart warming to see how the boys have engaged with this project and have really wanted to give something to those who are in much greater need, particularly the homeless and asylum seekers in Chorlton, South Trafford and Wythenshawe."

Mr Roche continued: “We want them to look outside the college's boundaries to see how they might help in their own way those who are suffering and struggling at this time of year. Our lesson to them is to look inside themselves to ask what they can do to help, rather than ask others to help them.”

Pupil Daniel Lynch said:: “The true spirit of Christmas is to give rather than receive and that's true even when you're aged 11.”

Another key helper, Teddy Merrick, added: “This is a real way to celebrate advent and I just hope we can make a difference.”

The food has been distributed to the Barakah Food Bank in Chorlton and Trussell Trust centres in Wythenshawe and South Trafford.