A LOVING friend in Bowden is holding a fundraiser for her friend who is in desperate need of an electric wheelchair.

Sophie Perkin, aged 27 has been on the waiting list for an electric wheelchair for over a year and as times get desperate, her friend, Aimi Goodman decided to take matters into her own hands.

Sophie was born with neurological cancer of the spine which crushed her nerves and spent the last 25 years on crutches. Due to the strain on her arms and damage to her shoulder, Sophie had to start using a wheelchair.

She said: "I have been using a manual wheelchair for around 20 years now and although it doesn't have as much strain as my crutches it still doesn't give me much chance to rest my arms like my neurologist has told me. Now if without the electric wheelchair I face losing my arms as well as losing my legs which I have only recently lost due to spending so much time in a wheelchair.

"I have two daughters, three and eight. Lexi, the eldest is autistic, taking her to school can sometimes be a real challenge. If she runs off, I can't catch up in a wheelchair and I'm exhausted - an electric wheelchair would hopefully go some way in helping that."

Sophie also needs work on her home such as level access and wider doors but due to high demand across the borough is having to organise the work on her own behalf.

Her friend, Aimi who she met at their daughter's school a few years ago decided to organise a fundraiser to get the ball rolling.

she said: "I see her every day coming to school with the two girls and I know how much of a struggle it can be for her. It's hard to see when I know her life could be made so much easier, so I really wanted to do something.

"Everyone has been really supportive, and I have a friend who has donated a bouncy castle and local businesses donated some amazing prizes - it's going to be a lovely day.

This weekend, Saturday December 16 the girls will host a Christmas party at St Luke's in Vicarage Lane, Bowdon Vale, 2pm-4pm. There will be mulled wine, food, tombola, raffle, special Disney guests, children's games, a toy sale and loads more.

The event needs to raise £250 for a wheelchair with the aim of raising more for a ramp to assist Sophie in getting in and out of the house.

Sophie said: "I always knew I had good friends, but you never think they'll go above and beyond for you like this, especially so close to Christmas - it's amazing and I'm so grateful."