A CHURCH group that has been tidying streets throughout the whole of the world has done its first UK-clean-up which ended in Stretford.

The World Mission Society Church of God (UK Zion) started a new clean-up campaign called, ‘Mother’s Street’ that aims to clean 40,000km of the earth.

This month, around 100 volunteers including members from the London church joined and started a tidy-up at Old Trafford Football Stadium and cleaned all the streets up to Wright Street in Stretford.

One member said: “Around Manchester United Stadium, there is a bus station and there are many people such as spectators, tourists and travellers, so there was a lot of rubbish, especially as there was a match this weekend.

“A lot of rubbish was thoughtlessly thrown onto the roads and pavements such as plastic bags, disposable cups and bowls, cans, cigarette butts and bottles and there were many leaves along the street, so the members cleaned between the buildings and following the main road.”

In total, the group gathered 130 80 litre bags of rubbish together with some larger items that had been left.

Anna McNichol, a member from Manchester, stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed this clean-up campaign, especially coming together with the members from London, uniting together with Mother’s heart. It has helped remind me of Mother’s care and love for her family and the secret effort and sacrifice that a mother makes for her family.”

The Church of God is a global church which has over 6000 churches in 175 countries throughout the world.‘Mother’s Street’, is being carried out by the members of the Church in each country to pick up litter, remove chewing gum from the streets, and remove illegal flyposting. They also do weeding near the roads, shovelling snow and clearing up leaves.