SALE man and speed junkie Mike Newman, who has been blind from birth, is hosting a motoring event at the Trafford Centre for people with disabilities, next month.

Having set his eighth world record, reaching 107 mph in a powerboat at Torquay Harbour in June of this year, Mike, from Ashton on Mersey, is keen for others with disabilities to experience the thrill of speed at the Trafford Centre track day, on December 7.

Mike is the founder of Speed of Sight, a charity set up four years ago to create speed events for blind and disabled people.

The former bank manager is the holder of six land speed records, one water speed and one aerobatic record, including driving a 5.5 tonne race truck at 100mph.

In 2011 he also achieved the World Blind Aerial Acrobatic Record, with the Blades Aerobatic Team, and has driven a racing car at a record-breaking 200mph.

Mike, who has been carrying out daredevil challenges on land, sea and sky since 2001, said: “I have always loved motorsport and wanted to find a way of experiencing that.

"The Trafford Centre event is now full and we have children with special needs and adults with disabilities, coming from all different parts of the north west.

"The Trafford Centre has been a big supporter of Speed of Sight for three years now and the donation of their facilities is much appreciated.”

For anyone with disabilities who may have missed out on this event and is keen to experience the motoring track, Mike is hoping to be back at the Trafford Centre next year to host more speed challenges.