MULTI denominational religious leaders came together to give a moving service to the fallen on Remembrance Sunday at the Hale Barns Cenotaph.

Around 500 people, the largest congregation in living memory for the annual armistice service, braved a bitterly cold Sunday morning to share their common values.

Representatives of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Shaare Hayim and Shule Jewish congregations and Muslim faiths attended.

They stressed that what binds us together is far greater than anything that might seek to divide us.

The Vicar of All Saints, Clair Jacquiss, said: “Hale Barns' Cenotaph is the spiritual meeting place of the local community with the two synagogues, the Catholic and Anglican churches and the Muslim Mosque all so close and this ceremony is a wonderful way in which we can acknowledge our common humanity.”

Pupils from St. Ambrose College and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and the local cubs and scouts associations played a key role in the service including St. Ambrose College head boy Sam Nanda, who read out the list of the fallen, and said: “It was an honour I will remember for the rest of my life. I'm sure some of the young men were no older than me when they died to preserve our way of life.”

St. Ambrose College Principal James Keulemans added: “This service brings together the young and old from so many different faiths and epitomises what we treasure in British society and why we should honour with an ever louder voice those who gave their lives for tolerance, peace and justice.”